Front-end Development
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In our previous entry we spoke about the processes one needs to go through while creating a website and people of which professions are involved in the creation process. In this entry we will dive deep into Front-End development.

The visual side of the website is usually created by a Front-End developer. Their main purpose is to precisely express the designer’s idea, arrange consumer’s logic, as well as to convert the design into an easy-to-read code and make sure that the customer has an instant access to everything on the website. The word “Front” already hints on us the idea that the visual of the website is the main focus of this type of developer.


As years go by, Front-End development becomes more and more popular considering the speed of technological advancements and the fact that our lifestyles change minute by minute.

Nowadays, Front-End developers need to make sure that the products they create are suitable for various types of technology, carry out different operations in shortest time possible and and fulfill well-organized complex business logics, which in the past wouldn’t be possible without the involvement of Back-End developers.

For the application, every single operation delay or poorly organized interface equals a lost customer. Along with that, considering the speed of market’s growth, another big challenge for developers is the convenient organization of the app, because the developer needs to come up with quick ways to enhance the app if the situation on the market requires them to do so.


Working with a clean code and the configuration of the app has never been as important as it is right now. Rotation of the developers is pretty common these days on the tech-market and hence, bigger teams are required. Because of this, easy-to-read codes and standardizing of the code-writing has become an inseparable part of the growth of applications which, in its own right, is crucial for a better way of planning new projects and finding/settling new standards.