Diamond Projects

Product: UI/UX Design, Web Development, Logo
Client: Diamond Projects
Creative Director: David Rikiashvili
PM: Elene Tchavtchanidze
UX/UI Designer: David Rikiashvili, Nodar Okruashvili
QA: Nino Sukhitashvili
Front End Developer: Zura Siprashvili
Back End Developer: Natia Gelashvili
Production Manager: Irakli Alkhanaidze

The best way of creating the right visual impression of the brand is the consistent use of the same well designed distinguishing features wherever they can approporiately be embodied. This gives cumulative impact to the features used, causes the organisation’s facilities to be easily recognised, and produces an identity which reflects the unity of the organization behind all our activities. The way in which all the design features should be applied, to achieve consistency of effect over the whole brand, is set out in this manual.

The basic element of identification for brand identity is the symbol. It is a distinctive element of the corporate signature. Through consistent and correct use of the symbol and graphic elements we can ensure that a brand communicates itself with clarity and with relevance.

Diamond Projects Diamond Projects

We live in a multi-screen society. Because of this, it’s important for the website to be viewable across as many devices as possible, because you never know what device someone will be using to view your website.