Future Georgia International Conference

Tbilisi hosted the first international digital conference Future Georgia on August 15-16 during which twenty speakers from 5 countries shared their knowledge and experiences, talked about Public Relations, Branding, Marketing, Digital Media. Most importantly, they talked about importance and role of modern technologies. Connect has been successfully operating in the modern, innovative internet and digital technology, and therefore, this is the reason it has been partnering with Future Georgia.

The list of speakers included the founder of COUB, Look At Media and other representatives from world’s leading companies. Georgian speakers also played a huge role in Future Georgia Conference. Their participation gave to the audience the chance to compare and catch the differences between foreign and local success in above directions.

The FG gave the unique chance to the audience to establish new contacts in different countries and gave a potential chance to engage in new projects.

The Future Georgia Conference became an excellent platform to exchange knowledge and create new projects.