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This is a space where creative minds are ready to build something great! Connect is the service team of professionals who knows that the key to success is a focused team united by a strong product vision. We provide full scale marketing, branding and advertising services. Connect connects customers to it's, their product consumers with creative ideas.

Connect creates bright digital campaigns and eye-catching websites with animation, motion design and visual effects. We specialize in custom corporate identity and branding, helping businesses stand out with modern logos, tenacious names and not only… We have a lot of experience with communications and business, design and strategic planning. Great design and usability are the two most important aspects of your product.

Connect’s one of the most important directions is web hosting. Connect separates place on the server - computer and special software tools to allow you to place and manage any information on the Internet. We provide a permanent 24-hour engagement on the Internet and high bandwidth access to the information. Connect connects you to the world. We are here to help you achieve the best results and kick start your product. We actually love doing it.


David Rikiashvili
Art Director
Aleksandre Otiashvili
Tea Gorozia
Marketing Manager
Tornike Bokuchava
Elene Shengelia
Salome Benidze
Tornike Rikiashvili
Video engineer
Beka Ichqiti
3D Generalist
Archil Surmava
Main Engineer
Gvantsa Shakulashvili
Assistant of Director
Natia sukhitashvili
Project Manager
Elene Tchavtchanidze
Project Manager
Giorgi Turmanidze
Social Media Manager
Natia Gelashvili
Luka Kupunia
Zura Siprashvili

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