Inspiration can be found in every subject or in an event

What are the characteristics of your works? 
They are all childish and look a bit like me but I never make either of those decisions consciously.

What has the most influence on your drawing style

In the beginning Japanese Animations were influencing most of my drawings, throughout this period I was fascinated by the in anime/manga style. My own style has changed after enrolling at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Digital tablet has opened up lots of new opportunities for me. Lately, my work has been influencing me quite a bit, commercial directions always have some kind of impact on the work itself, will it be positive or negative, now that depends on us alone.

Professional advice you will never forget

I always remember advice from my favorite artist Lois van Baarle that I have to draw sketches daily but unfortunately don’t always live up to it.

How mood can affect on you works?

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to draw a good illustration when you are not in the mood, but when it comes to commercial orders, you should try to separate your emotions from your work as best as you can.

What is the best way to improve your drawing skills?

Painting, painting, painting... It’s important to define how much and in what way you’ll be influenced by other artists. You also have to try out different paths and directions.

What is the source of inspiration?

Inspiration can be found in every subject or in an event. The biggest inspiration for me is my daughter.

Do you agree with the statement that creating illustration is a commerce and not an art

Of course, I do not agree with this statement.

What would be your advice for young illustrators

First of all you have to be in love with this profession, work hard and pay attention to details.