Working on Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia museum (TPMM)

Working on Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia museum (TPMM) is the most significant experience for Connect Team, as it’s a unique precedent not only for Georgia but throughout the entire South Caucasus’ reality. In the framework of the project modern artists are given a chance to develop and use their own resources for purpose. Our relationship with the museum takes roots from it’s very emerge, when the new- born idea was going through a process of identifying systematization, visual identity or corporate style.
All through the working process on TPMM , Connect aimed to determine identity and characteristics of the museum, which served as the basis for creation of typographical logo, which harmoniously fits the whole content. The team as a group shaped the site’s concept, which leads to a sense of discovery, opening the image of the amazing museum glimmer through bamboo shadows.

Along with lots of achievements, the website about the museum, created by Connect, was awarded by International prestigious platform