2 year partnership of CONNECT and Maestro

2 year partnership of CONNECT and Maestro

“Sakmiani Dila” – 2 years ago, partnership between CONNECT and “Maestro” started with this tv show. Branding of the show has been done by CONNECT fully and it has played a huge role in its success. But our partnership hasn’t stopped at that. After the project CONNECT started working on “Business contact analytics” , then went on to create “Business Contact” logo and in the end created very unique project in the name of - . Business Contact is an informational platform, where you can find news concerning business and economical situations both inside and out of Georgia. With the help of minimalistic, simple design we managed to make the experience of using the product easier for the consumer. Other than interesting content, popularity of the website was determined by the technical aspects of it, for example it is adapted to every platform and device. It’s an open space for any business, of any size.

Being partners with channel such as “Maestro” is an honor. Cooperation is still ongoing and teams on both ends are still developing. Both connect and Maestro are always striving to deliver innovative, quality product to the costumer. We wish success to teams “Sakmiani dila” and Business Contact.

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