2000 GEL award to the favorite start up team selected by Connect.

2000 GEL award to the favorite start up team selected by Connect.
It is a common sense that there is a startup boom in Georgia. Georgian people are spiritually free and independent, they have a desire to plan and manage, rather than do some routine work. The government and the business sector have correctly evaluated this new trend and now supporting to startup programs is some kind of obligation for all companies.

It was such a great fact that we had the opportunity to introduce with interesting students on May 8 at the University of Business and Technology and then to chose our favorite project to be awarded.

The BTU Bachelor Program students presented their own startups to large companies and potential partners. There were up to 35 groups and each team had a special and prominent new idea, which in some cases needed more work for perfection, in some cases needed funds.

We nominated 4 favorite projects, they were: 

  • • All Around Georgia - platform of connecting travelers and guides around Georgia
  • • Fainder – platform of real estate data bases
  • • ClassIQ - video lessons that will help the users to learn particular specialty and get the certificate in it.
  • • Areal - application that interacts between users and museums and makes exhibitions more accessibile.

We plan to held additional meetings with the selected teams to support their projects.
And our main prize, as for the production company, was the most interesting project for CONNECT – ClassIQ. This group was rewarded with 2000 GEL Virtual Service Voucher.
We would like to thank the Institute of Business and Technology for making CONNECT a partner of this event and also for supporting these young people. It’s not possible not to believe in this generation when you see such a big enthusiasm in their eyes.