Tbilisi - Attractive City for Tourists

Tbilisi - Attractive City for Tourists

Project created by connect, played a huge role in the development of tourism in Georgia. Website integrates number of hotels, hostels and flats throughout Georgia and makes the process of visiting and living in the country much more accessible and simple.

Connect as a tool for tourism development was invited to a Town hall working meeting about the program “Tbilisi - Attractive city fro Tourism”. Where the importance of and town hall’s wish to support it was discussed.. It was highlighted that endless communication between field players is the key for developing and realising important projects.

The meeting was attended by Georgian National Tourism Administration,Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee, Georgian Tourism Association, Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Tourism Management Center and other representatives of the industry.

The main aim of the meeting was to discuss touristic problems in Tbilisi, as well as some future plans.