Turn your website visitors into paying customers

Turn your website visitors into paying customers
“One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10 000 worth of advertising” these are the words of famous American entrepreneur Jim Rohn. We’ve already stepped into the age of technology. Thousands of new products are being released every day and more and more borders eliminated by online marketing. If, in the past, you needed a lot of documents to export your product, these days an item made in Georgia can be sold anywhere in the world. In an environment this harsh, it’s very difficult to compete against dozens of other startups that produce a similar product to yours.

Nowadays young businessmen have to face competition not only from locals but, potentially from anyone in the online world of selling. There are some key facts that help every business, big or small, to become a valuable player in the market. Besides low prices and high quality, customer service is essential. Online shopping, especially when the customer is new to this experience, can seem deceptive. Because of this, every customer wants to have direct and smooth communication with manufacturer. Nowadays communicating via the phone is losing popularity, since making a phone call in another county can be very expensive and inconvenient. Huge online selling magnates, like Amazon, Zappos, Nordstrom and many others have already understood the importance of an online chat. Easy access to a manufacturer representative and getting a speedy response, in case of any queries or issues, is incredibly convenient.

Development of an online chat into a website is a complicated and expensive process. Fortunately, there is a better, inexpensive alternative. Jivochat,  a live chat software for websites, can be attached to any site with a simple HTML code. You can even use a Jivochat app for mobile, and rest assured that every customer’s message will reach you. Live chat is a great opportunity for observing site visitors’ behavior and offering them a product they are the most interested in. Yes, you can be the one initiating the conversation, another big advantage that Jivochat provides. With Jivochat you can plan your selling strategy and “turn your website visitors into paying customers”

David Rikiashvili the director of Connect talks about  Jivochat:

What advantages does Jivochat  has?

I’d like to admit several advantages that Jivochat  provides:

  • You have an online chat on your website and don’t have to think about updating it. Chat development takes care of it and you always have a new version.
  • You don’t need a programmer to customize the chat for it to match the colors of your website. It is a very simple feature that can be found in control panel.
  • And the best feature is that the chat is extremely easy to use. You’ll see it by yourself when you download the chat.

To finish off, an online chat is an integral part of good customer service, and if you want to feel closer to your customers, Jivochat  is one of the leading players on the market.

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