World needs us, i.e. Globalization in Georgian

World needs us, i.e. Globalization in Georgian
Everyday proves that global Internet connection is in the phase of prosperity and if there are the the field of activity, which isn’t already transited online, we must think that it does not develop, and that does not develop, and accordingly it can not keep its place on the world market.

Global involvement in social networks (some people call it adicted) caused web sites to boom the world over. From social networking to the site, the user has become the primary task of all progressive thinkers. Even those who already had their own site have come up with the need to change or improve them, because the sites have only lost the functionality of the company and acquired the ability to communicate with the customer, easy communication, choice, purchase and interactivity.

The increase in demand has led to the creation of platforms that you can find from anywhere in the world by a person or group of people who are tailored to your budget and demands to create branding, web sites and video clips. In short, you only need to generate your detailed demands on one site, and then you can choose to be among the thousands of professionals from around the world.

One of the first products group in Georgia, which went on the international market, is “Connect“. In addition to financial motivation, the company had a desire to test its own forces in the foreign market and in cooperation with large-scale companies, the quality standards established in the company have further increased. The experiment turned out to be successful and today every fifth of the company is already a foreign order. The main thing about global platforms is the quality of the performer and the competitive price. This relationship has one more positive side: the customer who is satisfied with the work done and the transparent relationship with the performer, continues to work with you without the platform. An example of this, is one of the Australian companies with whom we have started a relationship with their rebranding and nowadays any visuals that this company needs is made in „Connect”.

Working in the international market once again convinced us, that “Connect’s” approach that applies to employees and performed tasks, is absolutely correct and justified. In particular, it is a willingness to cooperate with any talented person who has a desire to enhance knowledge and qualitatively despite his age and experience. Only thing, that is important for a foreign customer is the final product and not who created it or how well the creator is known on the private market!

For more information about the entry into the international market, see interviews with the director of "Connect" Davit Rikiashvili: