BIA - Business Information Agency

Product: Commercial Video 

Client: Business Information Agency
Video Production: CONNECT

Operator: Levan Lekiashvili
Producing and Computer Graphics: Beka Ichkiti
Art Director: David Rikiashvili
Assistant: Tornike Rikiashvili
Project Manager: Tea Gorozia


Customer briefing:
The main purpose of creating "BIA" is to provide analytical material for business profiles, marketing lists and sector based markets for local and foreign investors. Our wish is to create a video that tells about the company activities and goals.

“Connect” approach:

We always work with some particular interest to the video footage for companies. In the case of "BIA" we set out a special objective to embrace all the comprehensive information about the company, which will involve interviews of its employees that makes the narrative more truthful, relevant and organic.