British Georgian Academy

Product: Website, Logo creation, full branding of school building and busses 

Client: British Georgian Academy
Production Agency: LLC Connect

Art Director: David Rikiashvili
Designers: Maka Zedelashvili, Tako Chkhaidze
Project Manager: Sopo Kemashvili
Programmers: Ucha Gviniashvili, Natia Lomineishvili

Customer briefing:
The private secondary school "British- Georgian Academy", approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, is a group of highly professional people, whose main task is provision of the best quality education and development of practical skills for children. Our wish is to create a website, logo and full branding, while taking into consideration the standards of the Academy.

“Connect” approach:

The friendship of “Connect” and the “British - Georgian Academy” counts many productive years. That is why it is of great consequence and importance for each member of our team to work with them.

The task that we have accomplished with the Academy includes a complete package of visual communication, branding, logo and website.

When visiting the first page of the website, we meet with a bright, lively and colorful world of childhood, where there continue living great examples of harmonious coexistence of different areas of interest, such as: science, art, sport and recreation that in every photo, video or descriptions expose high quality standards.

On the main page of the combined, however trouble-free website, we can find the symbol of the academy - a golden lion that is associated with power, energy and leadership.
British Georgian Academy British Georgian Academy