Formula Gas

Product: Website, Commercial Video

Client: Formula Gas
Production Agency: LLC Connect

Art Director and Web Designer: David Rikiashvili
Illustrators: Tako Tchkaidze, Maka Zedelashvili
Programmers: Ucha Gviniashvili, David Savaneli

ADV Direqtor: David Rikiashvili
Camera: levan Lekiashvili
CG: Beka Ichqiti

   Connect respects all the customer that approach its products in a creative way, even though it is the daily consumption. It is the customer's free thinking and our team was keen to "formula" the site of such a creative, fun animation and unique visuals.

Formula Gas Formula Gas
   For Gas stations Formula was created image advertisement, that also included an announcement of the lottery. Video was performed with filming and 3D graphic techniques. This elements added more efficiency to this advert.