G2 Development

Product: Logo / branding

Client: GGM 
Agency: Connect

Creative Director: David Rikiashvili
Designer: Eto Gzirishvili
PM: Tea Gorozia

Clients Brief:
G2 is a development project implemented by Management Company GGM in Batumi. Generally, the main principle of the company and namely G2 is to take into consideration its own, clients, and employees rights and promote the direction of development in country.

Our desire is to create a logo and branding for G2, which will respond to the company's high standards.

Design Philosophy:
The design of the logo has been determined by the letter G, which appears in company name. In in alphabetical symbolism, the letter G is perceived as one of the solid letters, and associates the power and confidence.

The number - "2", perceptible, as the square, directly related to the construction.

After the logo, No less important aspect is branding, which was actively filled with reddish-orange (brick) solutions, that enabled us to link the whole concept of branding with construction.

G2 is another crossing point between Management GGM and Connect, which is a continuation of working together on a number of successful projects.
G2 Development G2 Development