Institute of France Georgia

Product: Website

Client: Institute of France Georgia  
Production Agency: LLC Connect

Designer: David Rikiashvili, Maka Zedelashvili
Project Manager: Natia Sukhitashvili
Programmers: Ucha Gviniashvili, Nika Chitanava, Giorgi Mosashvili, David Savaneli
Client's briefing:
The sphere of activities of the "French Institute of Georgia", an inheritor of the “Alexandre Duma’s House of French Culture " includes the promotion of French culture in Georgia, whereas interested students can learn French and obtain assistance in continuing studies in higher education institutions of France as well. Our intention is to create an applicable website for the institute, where notes regarding the ongoing events and some relevant information about the institute will be placed and accessible for the interested people.

Design Philosophy:
Light colors, live visual communication, simplicity and a sea of information, these are the components that the website, created for the "French Institute of Georgia" incorporates in itself. With the help of well-located search engine and the correct distribution of information, people have the facility to focus on the website without any excessive efforts and get acquainted with any innovations or projects offered by the Institute.
Institute of France Georgia Institute of France Georgia