Hardest part about being a graphic designer, is being a graphic designer

What qualities should a designer have, in order to be successful?

One should have the vision, be hard working and have an eye for details.

What is the main source of inspiration, could it be another designer?

Inspiration can be anything and anyone, even another designer. Being inspired is an endless process that widens the scope of view for the person, shapes them as a true professional.

Which program is the most comfortable to work in and why?

Each program has its specific purpose. So really, it depends on the task, according to it designer chooses the right program, the tool, which will help him create the high quality product.

How would you describe the process of graphic design?

Everything starts with understanding the task, then, determining the priorities. At this stage it’s vital to have close and constructive relationship with the client. Next comes the inspiration, followed by the idea. Huge amount of time is spent on the “rough” part of the work, end result of which is the outline, body of the product. At this stage designer sees the final product clearly, after which, visual is created, then perfected and finished. The final part is the most pleasurable after which, the work is presented to the client.

How much does a design that is created according to specific requirements limit designer’s creativity?

Each project should answer to concrete requirements, should be solving concrete tasks and problems, mainly because it's the aim of the designer to find right solutions to given problems and project it creatively, this is the best way of showcasing class and quality of the designer. So the problem is not the requirements, but planning the working process accordingly and defining objectives correctly!

How important is it for the designer to hear the critique of his work?

Each opinion is very important, but only if it's constructive and professional, other subjective views, even that of the client, should not be discussed!

What’s the hardest part about being a graphic designer?

The hardest part about being a graphic designer, is being as graphic designer!