Website Creation
{Modern Approach}

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● What a client should know about the process of creating a website with Connect
● What leads to the success of a website
● People of which professions are involved in the work

Nowadays, companies’ websites represent and function not only as their business cards, but oftentimes become the main helping hand, hence it’s visual and function has a tremendous impact on the company itself later on. There are many ways of creating websites today.

There are also many online platforms one can use to create a site easily on their own, however these kinds of constructors have some specific downsides, for instance banality, dependence on a platform and, to some extent, restricted functionality. In these specific cases, client receives a “semi-processed” website which cannot fulfill the development of the company.

მარტივი ვებ-საიტი

Creating an authentic, user-friendly , optimized and secure website is a complicated job which involves many types of specialists.

First and foremost, the company which is creating the website needs to analyze the interests of the  client and their potential customers,  their desires and the processes happening within the client’s company. Afterward, the process is joined by these professionals:

ვებ-საიტის გაკეთება

● Project-managers – responsible for creating the technical tasks that will enable them to supervise every group working on the project.

● Designers – responsible for creating the actual concept and the visual side of the website.

● Developers – responsible for writing codes, they are usually are separated into two groups – Backened and Frontend programmers.

● Q/A Quality Control and testers – responsible for controlling both the visual and functional side of the product.

● Content-manager/ Copywriter – responsible for filling the website with textual and media content.

● SEO Engineers – responsible for optimizing the search engine of the website.

● Social Media Marketers – Oriented on the popularizing the website.

Each one of the abovementioned specialists plays their part in creating and developing the website. In the next posts, we will dive deeper into every one of these professions.

ვებ-საიტის პოპულარიზაცია

To sum it up, creating a decent website is a labour-intensive job and is connected to different types of work. Each and every one of the mentioned groups brings their own unique feature into the big picture and if they all work as one, we get a pleasant visual, smooth and secure functioning, easy-to-find platform and popularization of it.

ვებ-სააგენტო კონექტი