Product: Logo Re Branding, Corporative branding, Website Design and Development

Client: Anagi 
Agency: Connect 

Branding: Tornike Bokuchava
Web Design/Art Director: David Rikiashvili 

Programming: Davit Savaneli, Giorgi Mosashvili
Project Manager: Tea Gorozia, Natia Sukhitashvili
Briefly about the client:
The main activity of the largest construction company "Anagi" involves civil-industrial construction, focused on speed, quality and result . The company applies for logo rebranding, creating corporative branding, that will make information about activities of the company available.

Design Philosophy:
The first task, which was set to the team of “ Connect” was company logo rebranding, in the framework of which the existing logo - the pillar as a support became lighter and simpler, having maintained it’s meaning as a symbol of stability and solidity. The next step included working out the company’s corporative brand, shown in the website concept, revealing flexibility and lightness. Stylistics of the whole website is represented in a musical game, which is more interesting and original for the user.
Anagi Anagi