Energo-Pro Georgia

Product: Website

Client: Energo-Pro Georgia
Agency: Connect

Creative Director: David Rikiashvili
PM: Tea Gorozia, Natia Sukhitashvili
Developers: Marika Kiknadze

Energo-Pro Georgia
Energo-Pro Georgia:
Energo-Pro Georgia - a leading hydropower operator in the Transcaucasia region, which provides delivery and high quality of service that meets the customer requirements, from 2016 serves more than 1, 200,000 consumers. The company's goal is to efficient generation and distribution of the electricity that is the main precondition for the uninterrupted energy supply of the consumers.

Customer briefing:

The goal of the largest electricity distribution private company Energo-Pro Georgia is providing high quality services to the needs of the region, with serves more than 1 200,000 consumers. Our wish is to create a website, where along with the information about the company, there will be provided information about services such as vacancies and "personal cabinet" available for the viewers.

Design Philosophy:

The main task that we set up while working on the company's website was to create the simplest structure to make it possible for the customers to navigate through it without an extra effort. However, following the customer's order, the website has provided some kind of multi-functionality, which implies two additional service settings on the system. Customers have the opportunity to take advantage of viewing the personal cabinet or getting acquainted with the current vacancies. Nevertheless, the personal cabinet is designed for subscribers and is fully in charge of raising their awareness.


Simplicity, lightness, and consideration of the customer interests to the maximum extent – these are the characteristics, around which the company's website has been created, as based on its informative character, the easy-to-operate system is what makes it uncomplicated for people interested in the website to access it and find any information about the company.
Apart from the flexible system, the "Connect" team used the blue color, associated with the company itself and made it an active element of the design, which added some lightness and individuality to it overall.

Energo-Pro Georgia Energo-Pro Georgia
Platform # 2: 
For more mobility and convenience, our team has decided to tie another important platform to the website, which provides information on the company's available vacancies. The Connect team has created a complete design of vacancies platform. 

My cabinet: 

The "My Cabinet" platform, which is located on the home page of the website, fully serves the customers' comfort and timely awareness, through which one can directly contact the company and get any important news or other information.