Product: Web Design & Development

Client: iSTYLE
Agency: Connect 

Creative Director: David Rikiashvili
PM: Elene Tchavtchanidze, Natia Sukhitashvili​​​​​​​
Developer: Ucha Gviniashvili

Client Brief:'s value system is fully tailored to the lifestyle, needs and requirements of modern, well-versed and active users, which is why we decided to offer the highest standard called Apple to Georgian consumers. We believe that Apple is not just the technology you use, but a modern lifestyle you practice in your daily life. We want to create a website, where one can buy technologies and accessories of Apple and other well-known brands.

Design philosophy:

While working on the project, the Connect team took into account the vision of innovative technologies and of the modern world in general, which led to the synthesis of the right design elements and a well-functioning, flexible system.

Aside from the interesting, minimalist visuals, where the Apple's mood and standard ambiance is created by a vibrant red, color associated with innovation and supremacy, the website is also a platform available for Apple products and other well-known brands. Anyone interested in top quality technologies or trendy accessories can simply visit the website and get any information they find interesting and buy the item they want.