Vake Park Plaza

Product: Logo Design

Client: Hausart Lux
Agency: Connect

Creative Director: David Rikiashvili
Graphic Designer: Tornike Bokuchava


Hausart is a company with the main task of creating a space that is highly adapted to a customer‘s expectations. The synthesis of modern, noisy city and nature is the way Hausart chooses to carry out each project, as they are well aware of the importance of green policy.

Our Approach:
The collaboration between “Connect” and “Hausart” is now associated to the development  company’s another project “ Vake Park Plaza” and includes creation of unique styling for its website, logo and social network. When working on “Hausart” projects, it can be said that “Connect” does not change its approach to maintain the firm's clearly defined individuality and brings any work into the overall system.

In consultation with the company, we decided to create a distinctive logo for the project "Vake Park Plaza", character of whichwould be a strong, unwavering stoicism that drives people to credibility and confidence. During the working process a construction was revealed, a kind of silhouette of the building itself, which rightly and clearly speaks of itself. The solidity of the tone chosen for the logo is emphasized by the color, the light gold color, which is the shade of mellowness and the correct decisions.

Social Network:
The website styling created by “Connect” for “Hauseart”, had been successfully adapted to its Social Network and we retained the overall concept that is typical for the company in general.