Product: Web Design & Development

Client: UNIX
Agency: Connect

Creative Director & UX/UI Designer: David Rikiashvili
PM: Elene Tchavtchanidze, Natia Sukhitashvili
Developer: Luka Kupunia, Natia Gelashvili UNIX.GE

Customer Brief:

UNIX DEVELOPMENT is a construction-development company that strives to create a new vision in the Georgian market that is directly linked to quality and maximum comfort. Our desire is to create a website and customer service system for the company that will make communication much more convenient and enjoyable.


Design philosophy:

When working on the project, the first thing we took into account was the nature of the company itself, which led us to a kind of website prelude that turned into a little animation. Upon logging in, a Unix logo appears on the screen, which resembles a comet, or if you want to say - a torn star. red color plays an active role in the design of the website itself, making it easy to search and find important information due to its easy navigation.

To facilitate greater mobility and communication, “Connect” has also created a customer service system, the same CRM, which serves to maximize perfection of overall company and client communication.

We have also developed a mobile-adapted version of the company's website to allow connection anywhere and always.