Product: Naming / Logo / branding

Client: Metrix
Agency: Connect 

Creative Director: David Rikiashvili 
Designer: Tornike Bokuchava
PM: Elene Tchavtchanidze

Company Mission
The "Metrix" mission is strictly defined in the construction and repairing industry and provides for the supply of resources according to the needs of the customers’ vision of interior or exterior, which is based on individual consultation and personal interaction, in order to maximize the uniqueness of each individual person.

Aim of the Concept
Friendship of " Metrix " and "Connect" does not count for years, moreover, our relationship is quite fresh and new, but it is clear to both parties that the connection was promising to carry something very interesting and important. Our goal is to turn the company's main driving force into their own niche and transform into visual or verbal communication.
Metrix Metrix
Name (naming) 
Selecting a name is a great responsibility. The Agency must be able to feel the company's heart, the point which defines the main aspects of its being and existence, to understand with the maximal accuracy the character, outlook or position that it has to its own self and the market. 

This particular process of naming, which has led us to “Metrix ", had to undergo many forms, content or conversion. We have transformed into words many feelings of comfort, quality, pleasure and individuality, and we have touched many epochs, cultures and languages that have terms or experience related to construction. Finally, in this storm of metamorphosis we received the word with a strong suffix, the etymology of which has almost the same content in different cultures and regions, and mainly involves management, power and superiority. Suffix "rix" is a draw that highlights the strong side of the company and the current position it occupies in the Georgian construction-renovation market. 

In the creation of the "Metrix" logo, the main focus was made on geometric shapes and colors, which are directly related to the company's activities. Symmetry, the precision of the shapes, which is given by a tandem of 4 shades, creates a spatial structure and makes a symbol of solidness and reliability, as for the typographical part of the logo we see the arrow that is directly associated with movement and advancement.