Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum

Product: Logo Branding, Corporative branding, Website Design and Development

Client: Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia Museum
Agency: Connect 

Branding: Tornike Bokuchava
Art Director: David Rikiashvili 

Web Page Concept and Design:
David Rikiashvili

Development: Ucha Gviniashvili
Project Manager: Natia Sukhitashvili

Briefly about the client:
Establishment of the Tbilisi museum of photography and multimedia supports the development of photography and visual culture, turning existing rich material into one platform. We wish to have logo of the museum, branding and website which will be helpful for systematization of current or accomplished projects.

Design Philosophy:
The museum, plunged into bamboo shades, - creation of the interesting visual communication from intrigued idea, was the process that “ Connect “ experienced while working on TPMM. The website of the museum was imagined to be original, easily operated, with mysterious hints, created by the typographic logo on the home page.

While creating the branding of the museum, we considered the general concept of a somewhat mystical character, which is integrated into the logo as a dot. The functional dot in a form of a circle, represens a space where museum’s interesting and adventurous life dwells.

The museum’s website, created by Connect, was awarded by international prestigious platform
Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum